How watching movies can actually be good for your psychological wellbeing

Photo Credit: Pexels / Pavel Danilyuk

Women’s reasons for dating taller men and the good news for short men near the end of this story.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Andrei Korzhyts

Video games can have both a positive and a negative effect on a child’s development

Photo Credit: Dreamtime / Monkey Business Images

Photo Credit: Pexels / Startup Stock Photos

The new digital world of social interaction is in many ways ruining our mental health and inhibiting our potential for personal growth

Photo Credit: Pexels / Tracy Le Blanc

How the voices of brave and heroic individual women brought Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein’s successful careers and livelihoods spiralling downwards

Psychology can help explain why the Jews and the communists were blamed for Germany’s economic recession after world war one.

Photo Credit: Pexels / Tom Mossholder

Learning about child psychology can help teachers to better manage challenging students and improve their learning experience

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Monkey Business

How cycling can improve your mental health and make you a happier soul

Photo Credit: Pexels / Pixaby

Photo Credit: Pexels / Pixaby

Andrew Stuart

My passion is to write stories related to the topics of psychology and mental health | (Bsc) Hons Applied Psychology Student at Glasgow Caledonian University 😁

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